Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome to the Florida FSA Blog!

Dear FSA Family,

We are excited to introduce our brand new blog! We think that it will be another way to provide information about the Florida chapter of Families Supporting Adoption, as well as a place to present articles, ideas, and inspiration about adoption. Check back often for new posts, and please feel free to comment on the things that you see.

A special thanks goes out to the Michigan, West Valley, and Boise chapters of FSA who have been very helpful in getting us started on our own blog here in Florida. To check out what these chapters are doing, check out the "Links" section on the side of the screen. We will be adding more links as the blog grows. It's exciting to have such a great support network, both in Florida and around the world!

Our love and support goes out to everyone in our Florida chapter. May all of your adoption dreams come true!


Kimberly and Charles Middleton
Florida FSA Co-chairs